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Georgian Bay Select: Client Articles's clients are some of the best in their fields. We wanted to give them a place to share their expertise with others. Below you will find articles written by our clients and hope you find relevant and helpful information.

Working Around Water

Many home and property owner in the Georgian Bay Region would like to do shoreline improvements or erosion control projects on their land at some point, so here are a few tips that help you determine a project workplan.

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Reiki: Gentle Healing

I am often asked, ' How do you pronounce that'? Reiki is pronounced ‘ray key’ and is a Japanese word meaning universal life force. In Canada we think of Reiki as a healing art or an alternative health option, but to the Japanese the universal life force is within everything that is alive.

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What Does SRESR Mean?

What does SRES® mean after some Realtors® names? It stands for Senior Real Estate Specialist. This is a designation that NAR, the American National Association of Realtors, developed. To earn the privilege to use SRES® requires passing a test at the end of an intensive two day course. Included in the curriculum are ways that Realtors® can become more familiar with the special needs of Seniors and the needs of their children or even grandchildren. They can also find themselves having to help Seniors in their family. More Info..